Ed Hinton- The Quiet One

Ed enrolled in Green Country Flyfishers'  Annual Fly Fishing School at Tri-County Tech
in 1990, and joined Green Country Flyfishers at the end of the class.
In 1993 he became coordinator of the Fly Fishing School Program and remained in that position until 1998.  He resumed the position in 2001 and continued in that capacity until 2006.  The school enrollments each year ranged from 12 to 20, the maximum class size
In the year 2000 Ed accepted the position of  Club Librarian. He developed a large video library and the club library is now replete with quality reading and viewing.  It requires the use of 6 transfer cases to bring it  to the monthly meetings so member can check out the educational material of their wishes.
Ed has been on the club's Board of Directors since 1995.  He has worked on many of the club projects, such as the handicap dock at Copan Lake, demonstrations at the Bartlesville Community Center, Washington Park Mall, Octoberfest, the Boy Scout Camp, the Girl Scout Camp, Sunfest,  and many, many more. Ed is a true gadget guy who carries every gadget a fly fisher could want on his vest.

 Ed goes about his duties quietly and always with a warm smile. In 2007 Ed was awarded the Bob Cunningham Award for Service to Green Country Flyfishers.