Meeting called to order at 7:02 by Ivan Winger

There were 34 present, 24 members and 10 Guests.  

Business meeting was moved to 8:00 and the guest speaker, Larry Clark gave his presentation first.

Larry lives on the upper Illinois River north of Tahlequah. 

He stated that you need to fish structures with poppin bugs. 5wt rods are strong enough

He uses poppin bugs on size 6 hooks or bigger

He does catch catfish with these bugs

When casting you need to cast close to stumps in the water.

Look for changes in current such as eddies, etc.

Business Meeting

The pond across from Lowes is being enlarged and we have offered to help install fish attracting structures. Oklahoma Game and Fish will do the fish stocking. Dennis that there may be problems if they overstock Crappie..

Minutes from the Feb meeting were read dna approved. Treasurers report was also read and approved.

Riley mentioned that he had brought fliers for the fly fishing school for anyone that wanted to distribute them. 

Dennis suggested that members buy their annual Kansas fishing license before the Montgomery County Fishing Lake outing. There may be more good spots for fly fishing in Southeastern Kansas that Northeastern Oklahoma. 

SMR is coming up the first week in May.

Ed Hinton mentioned that the last Saturday for coffee and tying at Bambinos will be April 4th.

Ivan had been contacted by Bass Pro Shop about their fly fishing weekend in April. They have not invited us to tie flies. They have not been very supportive of our club when we needed discounted merchandise.