November Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:06 by Richard Johnson

Guest was Brandon Brown from Oklahoma Wildlife. There were 19 members and 1 quest present.

Business meeting was postponed until after the presentation by Mr. Brown.

Business meeting:

Minutes from Oct meeting read by Riley Osborn.  

Motion to approve Larry Johnson, seconded by Dennis Kidd

Motion was approved. 

Minutes were approved as read

Treasurer’s report was read and approved.  Our current balance is $2,176.46

Christmas dinner is set for Dec 6th.  A signup sheet was passed around.

Riley reported that coat and tie are not required

Money will be collected at the door or in advance. There will be two boxes of flies from the tying 

The fly fishing school is being moved to Dewey. It will begin on Feb 6 and end on Mar 11. 

Publicity will be our responsibility. Larry Johnson will look into advertising in Good News. We will use the same publicity activities as in the past.  Number of flies to be tied in class will be cut back to four designs allowing more time for casting and other aspects of fly fishing.  

The practice reels purchased from Marlows Fly Shop were put on display.  They are really nice Grey reels with two extra spools.  Bruce at Marlows has offered a 10% discount to club members. They carry many brands of rods and reels.

The tying at Bass Pro Shop has not generated as much customer interest as we had expected. We still need more volunteers to finish the year. Casting has generated more interest.  

Volunteers for the outing committee were named, Larry Johnson, Riley Osborn, Joe Waring, Lary Smith.  They are expected to meet before the Jan meeting.   

Dennis announced that we would need 14 flies of each pattern for the CFR outings that we are supporting.  The list of patterns has been sent out in a previous email. Jonathon is still working on the emblem design for the fly boxes.

Saturday coffee and tying will begin Nov 22. A coordinator for the activity is still needed.  The coffee place in Doering has expressed an interest in our return to there café (since then they have decided not to be open on Saturdays).  Brian Bambino would like for us to use his shop in downtown Bartlesville.

Ed Hinton and Larry Johnson volunteered to work as coordinators.

The tying competition was won by Ed Hinton with a Rubber John.  There were 5 entries.

After the break we had election of board members.

For position 1 that is currently Bruce Keen, the nominating committee recommended that Bruce we elected for a 3 year term.  Joe Eber motioned that we elect Bruce by acclimation.  Motion was approved.

For position 2 previously occupied by Gene Holland who volunteered to step down there were two nominees, Tim Blackwell and Ivan Winger. Richard Johnson wanted to give special thanks to Gene Holland and Shawn Childress for all of their past work supporting the club as board members.  

Ballots were distributed and cast with Tim Blackwell emerging as the winner.  Congratulations Time. 

Election will be at the Nov meeting.

The Nov outing will be at Lake Pawhuska on the 16th.(subsequently cancelled due strong winds and possible rain showers)